Hi, I’m Maddie at Graphic Mouse!

I love sharing a cuppa whilst getting to know a new client or brainstorming with an existing one. I am genuinely lucky enough to count my ‘work’ amongst one of the things i love to do. When i’m not designing i’m usually planning the next travel adventure / getting lost in pinterest / cooing over a cute animal / spending time with my favourite people 🙂

Why work with Graphic Mouse:

Design isn’t just about making something look nice.

‘Looking good’ and actually gaining attention & converting for your business are not always the same thing.  The role of graphic design is to combine the two and Graphic Mouse is all about design that works.


When you or your company has decided you require some new visual communications designed, whether it is a full identity overhaul or a fresh new brochure or banners for your next event, it is usually decided that it is required sooner rather than later! Let me know your timeframe and we’ll do our best to make something work.

I get it.

I’ve been there. I’ve been the person briefing the out of house designer.

It can be stressful managing designers and printers alongside your ever growing inbox.

So, once we’ve discussed your needs, I will arrange a clear plan with you regarding timeframes and always produce more than one option so that you can be sure you’ll:

a) get your designs on time,  b) love them and c)  be confident they will work for your business.

I can also take the project all the way through to print so all you have to worry about is being available to take delivery of your shiny new materials!

Affordable without compromising on Quality

Collaborating with other designers, photographers, copyrighters and web developers I will always be your point of contact at Graphic Mouse. This means you’ll only ever have one person to deal with who knows your project inside out. I specialise in design for print and if your project requires some other expertise I am able to call on other experts that I know and trust to deliver on time and to the highest quality. They are all people based here, i will never outsource to another country for cheap.

I will always keep you updated on the progress of your project and if you have a clear deadline I will work with you to ensure that it will be met – come what may!