Free design for the NHS or Registered Charities

Hello, if you’re reading this then you have stumbled on my first ever blog post!

Never in a million years did I think that my first blog would be in a time like this (although it has taken this to give me the time to write it!) and never did I think that this would be the content.

However for me, like most people, it has been a real grounder, a reality check on what is important, when we strip it all back. We’re all going to have good days and bad days, where we feel helpless and then focus back on the good things and feel more positive again. If the panic buying and selfish behaviour vs the community spirit and kindness that has shone through shows anything, it is that at a time like this you can choose how to be. I’m so lucky to live in a lovely community and so grateful to everyone doing their bit, from the milkman (yesss we have got a milkman!!) to the pharmacist working hard to deliver people’s prescriptions, to Joe Wicks for giving us probably the only bit of structure in our day!! And to the AMAZING workers on the frontline, we are grateful, SO grateful.

As a graphic designer I feel pretty helpless, my job has never been crucial in the same way that some of my keyworker friend’s jobs are. But if I can save the NHS and charities a bit of money whilst they need it most, then I will.

So this may be a small contribution but Graphic Mouse is offering free design and print for any NHS leaflets and free design and print for Charitable leaflets. So if you are an NHS or Registered Charity worker and need something designed and printed, get in touch.

Stay safe,

Maddie 🙂